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Do more to support local farmers | Letters

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Austin Fuller’s recent article highlights Florida farmers’ commitment to feed American families, despite endless challenges.

The high costs of surplus and other production inputs make it financially risky and difficult for farmers to make ends meet.

But we need our Florida farmers now more than ever. They play a critical role in sustaining us with locally grown, wholesome foods.

Florida farms produce more than 300 different commodities. We rank first in the United States in value of production of cucumbers, grapefruit, oranges, squash, sugarcane, fresh market snap beans and fresh market tomatoes. Over 179 million Americans who live East of the Mississippi River depend on our state’s fresh vegetables for almost eight months of every year.

With supply chain disruptions, global unrest and weather-related events, some countries are restricting their food exports. If we had to rely on other countries for our food, we’d be facing a serious hunger crisis.

We are blessed to have a strong agriculture industry in the Sunshine State. Let’s do everything we can to support our farmers and thank them for feeding our families.

Jeb S. Smith Hastings Jeb Smith is president of the Florida Farm Bureau, based in Gainesville.

To read the full letter on the Orlando Sentinel, click here.


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