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Perishable News: Ag Secretary Sonny Purdue Makes a Visit to Strawberry Country in Florida

Published By: Perishable

March 10, 2020

PLANT CITY, Fla.- Local Florida strawberry growers joined leaders of the community and the Florida Strawberry Festival in welcoming the United States Secretary of Agriculture to Plant City, Florida on March 6 at the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds. 

Congressman Ross Spano of Florida’s 15th Congressional District spearheaded Secretary Perdue’s visit to Florida during the Florida Strawberry Festival, to not only enjoy some strawberry shortcake, but to also hear from the agriculture community. 

As an agriculturist himself, Secretary Perdue understands the challenges of agriculture, and shared his concern and support of the importance of good policy and programs. Secretary Purdue also relayed the strong support of agriculture from the Administration.

“The President has a genuine affection and affinity for farmers,” Perdue said.

As topics such as a labor, trade, and nutrition were addressed, Secretary Perdue was attentive to the issues and encouraged growers to continue to tell their stories, and ensured them that there is work being done to improve policy. 

Secretary Perdue was accompanied by Congressman Ross Spano, Congressman Greg Pence, and their wives as they enjoyed a steak lunch with many leaders from Plant City, the Florida Strawberry Festival, Hillsborough County, and the agriculture industry statewide. 

Following lunch, Secretary Perdue toured the Florida Strawberry Growers Association’s display on the festival grounds where he saw strawberries growing and the equipment used in the process. He also enjoyed a shortcake and the great attractions found at the Florida Strawberry Festival. 

The industry and members involved thanked Secretary Perdue for his commitment and support of Florida agriculture, and Congressman Spano for taking the opportunity to showcase the strawberry industry in his district. 


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